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Movie X-Men: Days of Future Past Torrent

X-Men: Days of Future Past Torrent

The time rewritten.

The discourse that began to unfold in X-Men - The Movie (X-Men, 2000), which crosses themes such as prejudice, genetic manipulation, Darwinian evolution, and irrational attitude of man to attack anything that looks new you and menacing, was gradually taking shape and being politicized as the saga developed. The basis for this as much as possible the character of our reality was closer and thus make all that absurd universe into something very believable. This direct and daring dialogue that began with the unforgettable opening scene of the first film, in which the young Eric Lensherr first manifested their handling skills metals to be separated from his mother in a Nazi concentration camp, is today more tied than ever with the real facts that defined the twentieth century. But, before the writers were content to tentatively connect to the universe of true historical events mutants in X-Men: Days of Future Past Torrent, They go on to propose a change in time that defined our current present.

The principle for the unsuspecting viewer, may seem somewhat trash a plot involving mutants and time travel, but we must remember that the improvement of the series since 2000 over here allowed the realization of a work of unbelievable strength. First, evolved (pardon the pun) in the production, as budgets were increasing, enhancing the special effects and more sophisticated every little detail. Then the characters were gaining an increasingly intimate stoning, and the writers knew very well enjoy the nuances of each, and how it directly influenced in their power. Finally, the wonderful X-Men: First Class (X-Men: First Class, 2011), the dramaturgy of the work was expanded and ultimately the public had access to the genesis of each of the original characters (Professor Charles Xavier, Eric / Magneto Raven / Mystique, Hank / Beast). Bold, director tied defining events in the history of the twentieth century, as the tension of almost nuclear war involving the missiles in cuba, with the ideological clash between the followers of Charles Xavier, who preaches peace between mutants and ordinary humans, and fans the discourse of Magneto, who preaches the decimation of the human race based on the alleged superiority of evolutionary mutants.

Always politicized background, the X-Men saga discussed topics of great relevance, as Social Darwinism, and now focus on bold proposal to rewrite history. A chaotic future, Sentinels - being able to identify people with the gene X to decimate them, designed by Dr. Bolivar Trask - ended up not only with almost all mutants but with ordinary human. Anticipating what may be the end of intelligent life on Earth, Charles Xavier and Magneto overcome their differences and unite to find a way to save the planet. For this, Wolverine must go back in time, with the help of the powers of Kitty / Black Lynx to the 1970s, and prevent Mystique kill Dr. Trask, an act that triggered a crisis and forced the U.S. government to approve the project Sentinel.

The escalation of the great cast (it's almost a miracle can keep the same actors in a saga that has yielded five films in the period of almost 15 years), competence in the balance as well as the action scenes and fights with the more intimate character and philosophical and safety director Byan Singer at the helm of the show ensure, first of all, first class entertainment. If slips occasionally in some inevitable cafonices of superhero films (the little finger on his temple and frown Charles Xavier using his power is still there), most of the time just proves that were never blockbusters and not need to be synonymous laziness and superficiality, as many associate lightly.

The tone is the 'grand finale', a plot finally able to cross the other previous films and unite them into a single, climactic conclusion. The permission that the director took with history, gave him the opportunity to manipulate facts as the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy (where Magneto is involved) and, oddly enough, made it even closer to us. Of course today there are no Sentinels annihilating the human race, but one day we all wondered how would our current present in the past things have happened otherwise.

The fascination at the possibility of changing the timeline has always been inherent in the human race, being the twentieth century the greatest proof that sometimes we can only progress based on the bloodshed. As we would be today if it were the world wars, the Cold, dictatorial countless deaths of innocent people intolerance to minorities governments,? War In short, how would we be if peace had reigned in place of war and if we knew openly accept those who are different from us? Power stroll through the past and envision the future is something physically impossible, but that this new film X-Men serve in the notion that intolerance and disunity just mean kicking, and today could be much better if it were not so. Changing the past is only possible in fiction, then left us to fight for a future that we can expect something better, always bearing in mind that one need not be a "mutant" to demonstrate any kind of evolution.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Torrent